Personal Shopper series

The Personal Shopper

As a personal shopper in a swanky London fashion emporium, Annie can re-style and re-invent her clients from head to toe. In fact, this super-skilled dresser can be relied on to solve everyone’s problems… except her own.
Although she’s busy being a single mum to stroppy teen Lana and painfully shy Owen, there’s a gap in Annie’s wardrobe, sorry, life, for a new man. But finding the perfect partner is turning out to be so much trickier than finding the perfect pair
of shoes.

Late Night Shopping ( Holiday Shopping)

There are some things the man in your life doesn’t need to know:

• The price of your delicious new handbag (…and shoes)

• The fact that you’ve reached the limit on all your credit cards

• You’re planning to start a retail business of your own

(and there are 500 imported accessories in the spare room)

How Not To Shop

But too late, Annie discovers this is TV on a shoestring. They’re paying her buttons and her budget is zip. Can she make do with Primark when all she wants is Prada?
While Annie performs miracles with the minimum, boyfriend Ed is left at home with one son (deeply green), one daughter (deeply teen) and one sexy, Russian blonde (don’t ask).
He’s not happy. He wants more together-time. He wants a dog. He may even want…a baby! But could non-stop, fame-seeking Annie ever handle that?

Celebrity Shopper


Personal shopper Annie Valentine has her own fashion show, on TV!
But with success comes pressure: is she at risk of being replaced?
To guarantee one unforgettable TV episode, Annie must whisk the crew off to Paris for a glamorous catwalk show. Will she impress Europe’s Most Stylish?
Back home sexy, neglected boyfriend Ed is left juggling one dog, too many children, a dotty Granny… not to mention the builders…
And why won’t Annie marry him?!

New York Valentine

Love is in the air!
Personal shopper Annie Valentine has a dream job in the heart of fabulous Manhattan. Daughter Lana is lost in the heat of first love, but has she fallen for a heart-breaker? In London husband Ed faces a scandal at work and knows, in his heart, he needs Annie back.

What’s a girl to do when her true love is in London but her new love is New York? Does it have to be fashion or family, or can Annie Valentine have it all?

Shopping With The Enemy

Fashion-guru Annie’s well-dressed world is falling apart – first she’s lost her legendary sense of style, and now her daughter Lana seems to have become her worst enemy. Even her multi-millionairess friend, Svetlana, is having daughter trouble – she’s at war with Elena over their business in New York.

A trip to a luxurious Italian spa seems like the perfect way to forget her problems. But celery juice and Pilates can’t solve the disasters that are about to strike…
Will Annie rescue her passion for fashion?
And can mothers and daughters ever truly be friends?