New Girl

Gina’s mother is fed up with her staying out late, spending too much money on clothes and too much time IM-ing her friends. But her solution to sort out her wayward LA IT girl is pretty drastic – she’s sending Gina to Scotland to go to the same boarding school she attended.

Suddenly taken from a world of malls, mobile phones, en-suite wet-rooms, designer clothes and sophisticated boys, Gina is suddenly forced to find her way through games of hockey, communal meals and showers, horrible public schoolboys and stuffy housemistresses. Will she ever survive? Her dorm buddies might just help – they’re a strange bunch but they seem to be good fun…

And there are always the boys from the local school to help keep them entertained.

Sunshine Girl

The St Jude’s girls are taking a super-fun trip to visit Gina’s amazing LA home, but there are upsets and excitement for Gina, Niffy, Amy and Min this term. Will Amy finally find out who her mother is? And will Gina decide between her two love interests? And what about Min – is she just getting too wrapped up in her crazy science discoveries?

Drama Girl

You’d think that being stuck in a stuffy girls bording school would mean life was dull and dreary, but this term the St Jude’s girls are in for some serious drama!

Gina can’t wait for her mum and friends to make the trip over to visit her from sunny California, but things don’t exactly go to plan and she finds herself stuck in the middle of them and her new friends and hunky boyfriend. And things don’t get better as the rest of her dorm-mates have their own dramas to deal with…

Niffy is not happy about her best friend and her brother becoming a couple – yuck! Min wishes she had the confidence to finally kiss her new boyfriend, and poor
Amy is starting to do anything to look thin for the school play.

Will all the drama be resolved…?

Rebel Girl

At St Jude’s School for Girls, four friends are facing very different problems…

Can Gina still be happy with her boyfriend when there’s such an exciting new guy on the scene? How will Amy survive when her rich dad’s money disappears?
What can tomboy Niffy do to make herself gorgeous? And why is Min spending
so much time in the study and missing all the fun?

Sounds like all the St Jude’s friends need to get in touch with their inner Rebel Girl!

Jealous Girl

Goodbye L.A., pools, malls and sunshine!
Hello Edinburgh, rain, hockey and school dinners!

Californian Gina is back in Scotland for a new term at stuffy girls’ school, St Jude’s, and she’s returned with a secret jealousy.

But all the dorm girls have a reason to be jealous: glamour-puss Amy is all
green-eyed about Jason, swotty Min longs to be like her cool friends and Niffy,
stuck at home, is jealous of everyone back at school.

What will they wear to the Halloween Disco? Is it possible to look scary
and scrumptious?

The girls will have to stick together to make it through this term!

Party Girl

The pressure’s on this term for the Upper Fifths…
There are new boyfriends and new parents on the scene, as well as the dreaded summer exams. But will the girls still find time for fun, and for each other?
You can bet on it!

A fantastic series full of romance and friendship – and a hefty dose of chick-lit glamour. Boarding school never looked this good!